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No, we aren't offering any living creatures - our "adoptions" are images to be used on your website with links back to MausCats. If you are interested in one or more of the MausCats adoptions below, please email and provide your name and website address and specify the name(s) of the adoption(s) you are requesting. MausCats Quilt Square Adoptions are also available from the MausCats "Friends" page. All adoptions must be linked back to on the same page they appear. Thank you!

Adoptions Drawn by Karen at MausWorks
Lucy from MausWorks
Dizzy from MausWorks
Adoptions Drawn by Karen at Recycle Bin Graphics
Cat Hair from RBG
Cat Own from RBG
Red Cat Lady from RBG
Seasons from RBG
Adoptions Drawn by Lucy at
Christmas Cat RandAnima
Moritz from RandAnima
Red Hat Maya RandAnima
Adoptions Drawn by Marina at Country Delights

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