Update 7/14/2017: Sad goodbyes to dear Delylah today. Our loft is empty and our hearts heavy. Rest In Peace, beautiful girl.

Delylah, our little flame point girl, has many nicknames and many personalities to match: Lyla Dee, Princess, Skitter, Sugaree. Technically, she is Master Misch's cat--he insisted on having a girl and chose her from her photograph online. Unfortunately, she never has forgiven him for chasing her down and focibly separating her from her litter mates at Mountainvue Kittens. She simply does not like him. She probably will never like him. She eyes him mistrustfully every move he makes. When he feeds her, she sniffs and sniffs as though she is certain he is trying to poison her. Sometimes she acts like he is a complete stranger, some scary person she's never seen before who wandered into her domain with dangerous intent.

As a kitten, Delylah was a funny looking little thing - from behind, she had beautiful long creamy fur, with a striking red tail but when she turned around there was that flat face, broad nose perched between those palest blue eyes, punctuated by a little pink mouth, and big orange ears. And she was so tiny. Even though she was several weeks older than her adopted brothers, she weighed only 2 lbs. to their 3+ lbs. each.

She's extremely intelligent, and seems to be able to read minds (perhaps she is just particularly adept at reading body language). From her domain in the upper realm of the A-frame, she surveys all that happens, though few will ever actually glimpse her ghostly presence. She has her own private kitty condo in the peak of the A-frame. Delylah loves to play and even will follow Master Misch if he walks about with his shoe laces untied.

Delylah is still tiny, weighing about 6 pounds, and although she grew into her nose and ears, she always looks a bit grumpy. Her favorite food is Fancy Feast Tender Tongol Tuna Appetizer, and she loves Purina Whisker Lickin's Tender Moments Soft & Delicious treats, especially the chicken and cheese flavor. She also loves her mommy, Mistress Mausita.

Delylah's theme song is Delilah by Queen

Background and "cat own" cartoon by Recycle Bin Graphics. Cameo from Cosmic Handmade. Zodiac cat from Country Delights. Tiny Delylah drawing from Cute Prints for You.
"Delilah" midi sequencer unknown.