Life by Cosmic Handmade O-U-T

Update 5/14/2015 - We had to say our final goodbye to Dory Alexander today. He had a wonderful life but way too brief. Words can't describe the void he leaves behind. He was such an integral part of our every day for nearly 13 years.

Dory Alexander was just 3 months old the day we met him at Purrden Me Persians, and we decided right away that he was meant to be ours. We settled him into the car with a blankie and favorite toy for the 5-hour ride home through heavy traffic, rain, and hail. He spent the first hour in the back seat crying loudly. Then Dory climbed onto Master Misch's shoulder (pictured above) and settled in for the drive. From his improved vantage point, our kitten looked all around and obviously came to two life-guiding realizations: "(1) Daddy is my hero. (2) There's a big world out there meant for me to explore." He investigated every inch of our home from top to bottom in less than an hour and then started trying to figure out how to get outside. Eight months later, we moved to our current home in the country, and Dory's dream came true - he is allowed supervised outings. Watching him is pure delight. We've never seen an animal with such a zeal for living every waking moment to the fullest. He races around, rolls on Stealing Treats his back, greets all visitors, and chases butterflies, mice, squirrels and his brothers, Percy and Moritz. Then when he sleeps, he sleeps so soundly it is difficult to rouse him. When he eats (and there's hardly anything he doesn't like), he manages to get his whole face and feet into the dish. Play hard, eat hearty, sleep is good! Interestingly, he is not fond of heights so is not a big climber, although he does like to sit with his front legs hanging over the railing of our loft, surveying the world from above.

We first noticed his ingenuity and penchant for thievery when Dory's can of Pounce treats turned up missing one day. My Hero Our search yielded an empty can and a separate plastic lid with neat, evenly spaced teeth marks all the way around. Another time, Master Misch exclaimed in his doting father voice, "OH Dory, sweetheart, what have you done now!" Mistress Maus peeked over the edge of the computer table and spotted Dory having a private party with a pilfered bag of Goldfish pretzels, including bunny kicking the bag and flinging it in the air after he emtptied it. We tried storing treats in the breadbox and blocked it with a full case of canned catfood. That was no challenge at all for him to move. Once we made the mistake of tossing some expired coupons in the trash that had been stored in a tin with catnip. Dory dove headfirst into the garbage can! He enjoys his morning "coffee" (canned Pet milk) with his Daddy, and his favorite treat is "mousie" (raw hamburger). His favorite toy is a hairy rubber tarantula, and his favorite nap spot is a game box that he appropriated as a kitten. He also loves to nap in the garage on a pile of boxes, especially on cold, rainy days. When he's happy, he sticks out his tongue and looks very silly!

Mommy named him Dory after Agador in the film The Birdcage. Daddy wanted to name him Alexander. Most Trapped in a Box Trapped in a Box of the time, we call him by his full name, Dory Alexander. He earned his nickname, Biscuit, because he likes to tuck us in at night and awaken us in the early morning by walking all over us and making great big biscuits, kneading with his paws and purring loudly. He can be persuaded to go back to sleep until a reasonable hour if you give him a good belly rub. Mommy also calls him her Son-Shine. In addition to answering to his name, he has an extensive vocabulary...out, treats, mousie, coffee, dinner, NO, and git-git. He's also a good speller, "o-u-t" and "d-i-n-n-e-r". His favorite person in the whole world is his daddy, and he spends every waking moment with him that he can, helping him with every task, playing video games, reading, sleeping, and enjoying life. But he gets mommy to tuck him in his Fancy Feast box at bedtime every night. Adoption from Inspiration for the Spirit

Dory Alexander's them song is 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) by Harpers Bizarre

Cameo from Cosmic Handmade. Zodiac cat from Country Delights.
Tiny Dory drawing from Cute Prints for You. Midi sequencer for "Feeling Groovy" unknown.