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Adoption from Inspiration for the Spirit

Life by Caroline at Cosmic Handmade

Music for Cat Lovers

These are links to some cat music CDs we own:
Songs of the Cat Songs of the Cat
by Garrison Keillor and Frederica von Stade
Meowy ChristmasMeowy Christmas
by the Jingle Cats
Irish Drinking Songs for Cat LoversIrish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers
by Marc Gunn
(1981 Original London Cast)

Odds and Ends

Amusing Stuff from Here and There
Cat Circus - Source Unknown
We've had this for years and have no idea where it originated.
If you know the source, please send us the information.
Annette's Adopt' Garden
Agree by Caroline at Cosmic Handmade
The Gift
by Lucy Rand at

This animation I made because of our cat Karel (RIP). There is a story to it: One day I saw him catch one of our 5 goldfishes out of our pond. I chased him and he let go of the fish. I put the fish back into the pond and apart from missing a few scales the fish was fine. One week later (the day before Mother's day 2003) I saw him again with a fish in his mouth. . . Chased him again, but he didn't let go. He wanted to run inside through the open door. Luckily hubby was standing there and he stuck out his leg. Karel dropped the fish and I picked it up very fast and placed him carefully in the pond. This fish seemed okay too. But here comes the fun part. The next day (Mother's day) I went to the pond to feed the fish and to my big surprise we had 6 instead of 5 goldfishes LOL! We never found out where he had "bought" my present. . . Karel we miss you.
Meena Cat
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Herding Cats
Click here to view in YouTube Herding Cats EDS TV Commercial
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Warning - this is a video clip, about 3MB so best viewed with broadband. We think it is the greatest advertisement ever made, debuting on US television at the 2000 Super Bowl. Two paws up to EDS for their creativity!
Purranoia from Tequila's Country Home
Annette's Adopt' Garden
Peace by Caroline at Cosmic Handmade
Back to School by RBG
Adopted from Desert Samoyeds
Escher - Source Unknown
We received this nicely done Escher style animation from Chris at Christine's Stained Glass, original artist unknown. If you have additional information, please let us know.
Fractal Cat Mandala by Maus I learned about mandalas from Caroline at Cosmic Handmade. I combined this concept with an extrapolation from a tutorial I was working on in Ultra Fractal software. This is the result. I can easily imagine cats meditating on....more cats ~smile~. Earth Color from Chatterbugs

Dru's Krazy Kats!
Color Earth
Thank you, Caroline!
Adopted from the Adoption Mill at Cosmic Handmade

Tales from the Knights of the Round Tuna
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