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Karen L. Woys



EDUCATION:  University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska, Master of Science, Computer Science (1994)         

Towson University, Towson, Maryland, Bachelor of Science, Mathematics Summa Cum Laude (1984)

Harford Community College, Bel Air, Maryland, Associate in Arts, Business Administration (1982)


EXPERIENCE:  OWNER / PRIMARY CONSULTANT, MausWorks, Forest Hill, MD. Provide remote and onsite consulting services, specializing in the technical needs of individuals and small businesses. Custom web design and graphics, domain registration and hosting, digital photography, computer diagnostics, optimization, repair, general technical support, shopping assistance, and training. (2003-2012)


SENIOR SERVICES CONSULTANT, Computer Associates, Herndon, VA / Sterling Software, Inc., Reston VA. Provided remote and onsite consulting services for VM:Manager, VM:Webgateway, and mainframe Linux products, including installation, customization, and education. Developed VM:WebGateway/DB2 applications, including database creation/population and authoring of CGI, HTML, JavaScript, and Style Sheets. Was technical lead for ARCserve VM/Linux buddy development effort. Conducted risk and security analyses of VM customer sites. Developed and delivered pre-sales and technical presentations on VM:Manager, VM:Webgateway, and mainframe Linux product lines. (1999-2002)


TECHNICAL CONSULTANT, Sterling Software, Inc. (purchased by Computer Associates), Reston VA. Provided technical assistance to customers, diagnosed software problems, and tested software fixes for VM Software products. Assisted with design and maintenance of Customer Services web sites. Prepared and delivered technical presentations to peers and customers. Wrote articles for division newsletter.  (1997-99)


INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT, Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. Assisted with the port of MP/Express, a distributed visualization software package, to a massively parallel system. Development was in a UNIX environment using C. (1996-97)


PROGRAMMER ANALYST, University of Alaska Department of Mathematical Sciences, Fairbanks, AK. Converted, ported, optimized, tested, and benchmarked Advanced Visual Systems, Inc. (AVS) C code modules for the CRAY T3D. AVS is a commercial scientific visualization package. (1995-96)


RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, University of Alaska Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, Fairbanks, AK. Optimized AVS modules for CRAY-YMP vector processing. Assisted with developing, testing, and benchmarking codes for the CRAY T3D.  Provided technical assistance to users of CRAY Y-MP, CRAY T3D, and SGI computer systems, and performed system administration duties. (1994-95)


TEACHING ASSISTANT, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK. Taught university level computer programming classes and labs and assisted computer science professors with grading and course preparation.  (1992-93)


SCIENTIST/TESTER, Nichols Research Corporation (now merged into CSC), Lawton, OK. Provided technical support for software for a Micro VAX-hosted tactical communications system and conducted Independent Software Integration Test (ISIT) for this system. Designed and implemented software to aid in creation of test procedures and analysis of test results. Developed independent software integration test. Reviewed and analyzed technical design documents. Coordinated software test development and provided technical assistance and recommendations to end user, materiel developer, and other agencies based on test results. Secret Security Clearance. (1990-91)


SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Telos Federal Systems, Lawton, OK. Task leader. Analyzed, implemented, tested, and documented system software requirements. Supervised technical activities of group leaders, team leaders, and programmers. Coordinated software development and resolved discrepancies with customer. Provided technical assistance to customer and other involved agencies. Secret Security Clearance. (1989-90)


PROGRAMMER, Telos Federal Systems, Lawton, OK. Mathematics Support team leader. Supervised the technical activities of three programmers. Wrote requirements documentation, detailed design modules, real time program modules, and test procedures to perform coordinate conversions, geometric analysis, and effectiveness analysis. Secret Security Clearance.  (1987-89)


OPERATIONS RESEARCH ANALYST, U.S. Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity (AMSAA), Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. Modified, coded, tested, validated, and executed simulations software to model aircraft effectiveness and survivability. Collected, verified, and analyzed test and simulation data. Summarized, evaluated, and presented results. Prepared contractor task orders and monitored contractor activities. Secret Security Clearance. (1985-87)


LANGUAGES:   C, JavaScript, CGI, HTML, CSS, Ada, FORTRAN, Pascal, BASIC, LISP, REXX, VAX Assembler, PDP Assembler, SIR (RISC) Assembler.


SYSTEMS:        AN/GYK-29 (BOS), CDC Cyber (NOS, SCOPE), CRAY T3D, CRAY X-MP (COS), CRAY Y-MP (UNICOS), DEC Alpha Station (OSF/1), DEC VAXen (VMS), DECstation 5000 (Ultrix), HP-9000 (HP-UX), IBM RS6000 (AIX), IBM S/390 (VM and Linux), Intel-based PCs (MS-DOS, MS Windows 3.x//9x/2000/ME/XP/Vista, Linux, NeXTStep), Macintosh (System 7), NeXT (Mach), SGI Indy, Indigo, Onyx (IRIX), Sun SPARCstation (Solaris).  Note:  UNICOS, Irix, OSF/1, AIX, Mach, Solaris, Ultrix, HP-UX, and NeXTStep are UNIX operating systems.



AVS for the CRAY T3D (co-authored with M. Roth and D. Zagorodnov), 1995 Fall Proceedings of the Cray User Group, Inc., pp. 111-120, September, 1995.

AVS Optimization for CRAY Y-MP Vector Processing (co-authored with M. Roth), AVS '95 Conference Proceedings, pp. 145-162, April, 1995.

AVS Optimization for CRAY Y-MP Vector Processing (co-authored with M. Roth), 1995 Spring Proceedings of the Cray User Group, pp. 78-89, March, 1995.

AVS Optimization for Vector Processing, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Technical Report #95-02, 40 pages, January, 1995.


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