Update 12/25/2014: A very blue Christmas for us. We lost Moritz to heart disease today. Our world is much sadder without him.

Our cute little blue and white Persian was nicknamed "Happy" by his breeder at Mountainvue Kittens because of his sweet disposition. He is very affectionate and seems to like every living person and thing, always ready to nuzzle or brush up against everyone with his back arched for petting. Master Misch gave him his formal name, Moritz, from the Katzenjammer kids, a German comic strip about two mischievous boys, Maxx and Moritz. [One of our earlier persians was Maxx.] Moritz (or as Mistress Maus calls him, Mr. Ritz) is a small round boy with big copper eyes and a white blaze on his face in the shape of a Mercedes-Benz logo.

When he was a young kitten, Mr. Ritz swallowed the elastic string from one of his toys and had to be rushed to the vet where he was prodded, probed, scoped, and x-rayed. The vet was able to pull the string out but to this day, Ritzie has a hard, round tummy and foul smelling farts. He was not able to eat without vomiting for a few days and we were very frightened that we would lose him. He still tries to eat strings and is never allowed to play with them!

Ritzie likes to run along the tops of the railings of our multi-leveled deck outside. This tends to make us a little nervous because of another incident. When we first moved to our current home he was chasing a bug and fell off of our A-frame loft. Like a proper cat, he did land on his feet uninjured; however, as he was falling, he looked up and saw the turning blades of the ceiling fans located in the highest peak of the A. Apparently convinced that the fans had knocked him off the ledge although they were nowhere near him, he was terrified of them and slunk around the furthest edge of the room until he could escape and hide under the bed, from whence he had to be removed by force. It took a long time before we could turn the fans on again without him panicking. Even now, we have to make sure he is outside when the fans are turned off or on because the change draws his attention and renewed panic.

Like his littermate, Samson, Mr. Ritz likes to race maniacally around the house but with the added quirk of speaking something that can be roughly translated into "Rue-Rue-Rue" in human parlance. Thus, due to these bouts of "Rue-mania" he gained another nickname, Rue-Cat-Blue. Also like Samson, he does not snack much in between meals or eat table food but he is very worried about the possibility of missing any meals. You can see a picture him awaiting dinner on Percy's page. He LOVES catnip and often has a good roll with his nip toys after dinner.

Although Mr. Ritz enjoys spending time outside with his brothers, Dory Alexander and Percy, he always comes inside to use the litterbox! This is unfortunate for us as he is a very stinky boy, probably another leftover from his kittenhood string incident. He is also one of those cats who never gets himself quite clean and generally has a tiny bit of dried poop hiding in his long fur, just enough to smell bad when he snuggles up to Mistress Maus's pillow at night.

Moritz's theme song is Puttin' on the Ritz by Taco

Background and Moritz sitting drawing by Recycle Bin Graphics. Cameo from Cosmic Handmade. Zodiac cat from Country Delights. Tiny Moritz drawing from Cute Prints for You. Moritz standing drawing from Lisa's Country Clipart. Litterbox and string animations from Animation Factory. Stained glass Ritz from Christine's Stained Glass. "Putting on the Ritz" midi sequencer unknown.